10 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known About Pregnancy (Before I Got Pregnant) (0-20 Weeks)

I’m the first of my close friends to experience pregnancy, so everything I thought I knew about pregnancy came from movies and television. I’m only about halfway through my pregnancy, so I still have a lot to learn! Here are the 10 things no one told me about pregnancy:

  1. Your back hurts like… all the time.
  2. The second trimester ‘burst of energy’ is really just less exhaustion from the first trimester.
  3. Morning sickness can last ALL day and it can happen at any time (even after the first trimester is over).
  4. You will never get a restful night of sleep, even when your bump isn’t big.
  5. Your hair will grow so quickly (and not just the hair on your head).
  6. EVERYONE has advice for you, and it’s probably unsolicited.
  7. Your skin won’t be glowing, it will probably be covered in pimples or so dry it feels like you live in the desert.
  8. EVERYONE has an opinion for you on pregnancy and parenting, and it’s ALWAYS unsolicited.
  9. Leg cramps are SO real. Seriously drink the water!
  10. Everything will probably make you cry. Don’t watch the sad puppy videos on Facebook.. Just trust me.

18 weeks

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, comment down below with the weirdest thing you learned about pregnancy after you got your BFP (That’s another thing, the acronyms!) Thanks so much!

Until next time,

Mrs. Hen


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